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postheadericon Better Opportunities with the best Website Ranking Now

Major search engines focus on creating the best possible user experience by offering relevant information. That is why writing quality content is so important. These tips will help you on your way to a higher ranking.

Provide quality, original and especially relevant content

Since 2011, Google has been rolling out a series of updates that are specifically aimed at websites with “thin content”. This means that websites that copied content, plagiarized or stopped a website full of keywords are now being “punished” with a lower ranking. And that is positive news, because with this your website will be positioned in the ranking with relevant, readable content.

How do you prevent your website from being punished by Panda?

More than anything else: write meaningful, informative content that is useful for visitors to your website. Content must be unique, fascinating, and valuable. A good reader experience is essential for good ranking in the major search engines. The content on your website offers value to your visitors and gives them a reason not only to visit your site, but to stay there and to take action (buying a product, requesting information, registering for a service or mailing list) to go over. Good, relevant content ensures that you bind the visitor to you and that it does not go shopping with the competitor. A visit to makes the things perfect now.

SEO tip: If you look at the statistics of a specific page – for example in Google analytics – then you can get a low CTR (Click Through Rate) and / or a high Bounce Rate (visitors who immediately click away after they click on the page). came up) that the page has low quality content. Do you notice this? Then it is worth considering rewriting the text.

Think carefully about keywords

If all goes well, you do not only want to attract more visitors to your website, but more relevant visitors. Therefore, make sure you think carefully about using relevant keywords in your content. This way you ensure that a potential customer is not immediately gone.

SEO Tip: Normally, your website of a location-based activity – for example, a hotel, gym, restaurant or store – should focus on brand names and location related keywords. When determining your keywords, try to make use of attractions in your area.

  1. Correct placement of your keywords

Google assumes that well-readable content scores better than loose texts that are full of keywords. When writing, make sure that you insert the chosen keywords in a natural way into your text. Places where your keywords are not out of place are:


  • H1 and H2 Headers (these are the headlines, just like in MsWord for example)
  • Body Text (the actual text of the webpage)
  • Bold text
  • URL (the http address of the page)

The Alt tag for images (these are the texts that are normally displayed when the image cannot be displayed).

SEO Tip: Search engines not only look at a specific keyword, but are also smart enough to recognize synonyms. Make use of it, so that your text is not filled with one keyword, but remains legible for the visitor and keeps Google happy.