Benefits of Regular Exercise


So, this post is pretty elementary, but sometimes it’s good to take it back to the basics.

We all know that exercising is good for us.

However, the benefits of regular exercise extend far beyond just the basic ideas of diet and weight control. There are so many benefits to exercise that it would take quite a long time to list them all. That being said, here some of the top reasons why everyone should be getting adequate and regular exercise:

 Reduced Risk of Diabetes: Generally, people who exercise tend to have lower levels of fat and are better able to control and maintain blood sugar levels. These are some of the key factors in whether or not you will develop diabetes. Regular exercise keeps the blood flowing and the heart pumping out potential impurities, including excess fat (and being overweight is a well- known risk factor for developing diabetes).

 Elevated Metabolism: Any type of exercise that gets you moving will tend to speed up your metabolism. This is a great benefit because it helps the body to burn off excess calories and this leads to a healthy weight. Sedentary people, on the other hand, tend to have most of their excess calories stored as fat, which can lead to weight gain and a host of other unpleasant conditions and diseases.

 Increases Aerobic Capacity: Aerobic capacity is basically your fitness level. Those with a high capacity (i.e. those who exercise regularly) are able to go through their daily activities with a lower expenditure of energy and effort. A good example of this is walking up stairs. Someone who is decidedly overweight will require intense effort to do so, which may result in heavy breathing or even dizziness. A healthy person will have no problem walking up several flights of stairs at once.

 Decreases Blood Pressure: Having a healthy blood pressure is one of the most important health goals for everyone. High blood pressure can lead to a whole host of conditions, including heart problems and strokes.

 Increases the Oxidation of Fat: Oxidation is a fancy word for breakdown and use. In other words, regular exercise tends to lead to a better usage of fat. Instead of being stored in your body, fat will be used for energy during your workouts. As a bonus, buy some pure forskolin or other natural weight-loss enhancement to get optimal results.

 Increases Good Cholesterol: HDL cholesterol production is increased through regular physical activity. This will help to fight against any build up of bad cholesterol (LDL).

 Improves the Efficiency of Your Heart: Especially during aerobic exercise, your heart will begin pumping more blood, faster. Since the heart is simply another muscle, this actually “trains” the heart. Consequently, when you are resting, your heart will not need to work nearly as hard. Since it is now stronger, a higher volume of blood will be pumped with each beat.

 Decreases Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke: With the increased blood flow and higher volume of blood per beat, more toxins and impurities will be purged from your bloodstream. Your circulatory system will also be more efficient. Clots will be removed more easily and the heart is stronger (a heart attack is basically a weak heart that stops pumping), therefore avoiding these two ailments.

 Improves Sleep: The body will release hormones called endorphins during and after exercise. These endorphins give the body a feeling of well-being and they also cause one to sleep better and more deeply.

 Reduces Stress: Of course, we all know that by exercising, we just simply feel better. It seems as if life is easier and we can cope better with whatever might arise during our daily activities.

The above ten items are some of the best reasons to implement a regular exercise program.

If you have not done so already, what are you waiting for?

Your program does not need to be elaborate or use expensive equipment.

Just get up and get moving.

Of course, it is recommended that each person seek the opinion of a qualified physician before undertaking any program of regular exercise…but you got this.

With love, Christdot Staff

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